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2.6 error 10002 disconnect frequently : Bearded-CIG

Fri, 04/14/2017 - 08:24
The initial problem I see is that it sounds like the PTU environment is being used in the launcher and that currently isn't hosting anything so it will result in a connection error. But it also sounds like you're getting this error when playing the game which is a different problem.

A 10002 while connected to a game server is caused when the game client loses its connection to the server long enough to cause it to time out.

There are a huge a mount of things that can cause connection time outs and most of those are going to be things that occur outside of the game. If a wireless connection is being used, stop. If a laptop is being used, also stop. Both of these have too many inherent tech support problems that they can cause to be considered a good idea. Past that, you can look into doing network troubleshooting to see if there's anything that might be causing the connection to the servers to drop for small periods of time.

Error CIG Services (code 10002) PTU : Bearded-CIG

Fri, 04/14/2017 - 08:20
@GStach-78 - the ptu currently isn't running so if you're getting this error on that environment, that's why. If you're getting this on the public environment, I'd suggest posting in a thread that isn't related to the PTU environment.

Also as a heads up, this error means that the game client wasn't able to reach the authentication service or that its connection to the servers timed out. Other players are currently able to connect to the game servers on our public environment so if this is occurring to you on the public environment, it's going to be caused by something on your way to us rather than a bug with the game so there won't be a 'fix' for it on our end. If it's happening to you when you're in game (which it sounds like it is since you mentioned chat) then there's something causing the connection to the game server to drop out which similarly si going to be caused by something on your way to us.

PROGRAMMING (Engine, API, Hardware, etc) : BParry_CIG

Thu, 04/13/2017 - 13:11

Can one of you open a thread on Spectrum for these questions? I think this one and the Lore post are the only ones that get any dev activity now.
Hi there @Krel,
I just asked about this and it turns out there's already an ask-a-dev subforum on Spectrum. It's a little different, since instead of a thread per team, there's filter tags, so each question gets its own post. Now I know where to look, I'm watching :)

LORE (Story, Background, Character, etc.) : DHaddock_CIG

Thu, 04/13/2017 - 12:27
Hello everyone!

That's it. This brings this iteration of the Ask A Dev - Lore edition to a close. Like the Doctor, we are resurrecting into our new form on Spectrum, so make sure to direct any new questions there and be sure to tag them as Lore so we can spot them easily.

Again, thank you all for your questions and the great discussions that we've gotten into on here. It's always fun to brainstorm with you all and look forward to our future discussions,

From all of us at the writing team, take care,

Dave, Will, Adam and Cherie

LORE (Story, Background, Character, etc.) : DHaddock_CIG

Thu, 04/13/2017 - 12:23

F(1)A through F6A - unknown
F7A - Hornet (2700's?, pre-dates the **** F7C by 'almost 2 centuries')
F8A - Lightning, 2947?

Did Anvil really develop six separate fighter designs in their first 70-odd years of existence which were accepted into UEEN use, only to then come up with the Hornet and have that still in service 200 years later?

That's not usually how it works. Assuming the numbering does indeed follow current US military practices, when the US military wants a new fighter, it sends out a bid request with a set of specs it wants the fighter to have. Bids are then put in by several manufacturers with design briefs, drawings, estimated time frames for building the prototype and for building 100 or so with a fully tooled factory and trained workforce (since they're two completely different things where time estimates are concerned), cost estimates, and a bunch of other stuff. The whole process from bid to win is not really important, but what is, is the end result. Once a design is chosen and the military signs off on it and says "This is our next fighter." Then it gets an F # designation. The F1 may not be made by the same company as the F2, or the F3 for that matter... And it's not uncommon for different branches of the military to all want new fighters at the same time, in which case you may have the F4, F5, and F6 all show up within a few months of each other and then nothing for 20 years. And sometimes jets are incorrectly numbered on purpose, as is the case for the F117 stealth fighter which is actually a light bomber, but as the military brass in charge of staffing the first jets discovered, they needed fighter pilots to fly them because of the hard turns necessary to avoid flying straight through radar sites at high speed and high G's sustained because of that, bomber pilots aren't trained for those maneuvers and couldn't fly them without a significant investment in retraining, and as the story goes, no self respecting fighter pilot would ever fly a bomber... So despite the fact it should have been given a B# designation being a light bomber and all, they gave it the F117 designation so fighter pilots would fly the damned things as soon as they were built.

When a company significantly revises a design, such as completely upgrading avionics, weapons load out capabilities, adding or removing a second seat, bigger fuel tanks, stronger engines, whatever, then you get the b, c, d following the number with the original model retroactively being assigned an a.

My 2 cents on the names/numbers:
In the case of the hornet, there have only been 2 versions that we know of. The F7 that's been in use forever by the military which has the official F7 designation, and the new civilian model that got the unofficial F7c designation by Anvil, not by the UEE (likely because civilian starts with c, not because there's a b model out there... Though there could be since the UEEN calls it the F7a and they wouldn't unless there's a reason to make a distinction between two or more models. Maybe the Marines fly the F7b Hornet.)

Also, just because the T3 Gladiator and the T8 Gladiator have the same name, doesn't mean they're the same craft. For example, Lockheed made the P-38 Lightning in WW2 (a heavy fighter), they're now making the F-35 Lightning a little more then 70 years later. P-38, F-35, not the same craft, but both fighters are made by Lockheed, and both are called Lightning. It's probably just a typo, 3 and 8 look a lot alike, but if it isn't, I wouldn't get hung up on the name, they get reused sometimes.

And lastly, remember, the UEE has 3 services, not just the Navy, and they all have their own ships. We know a fair amount about the Navy, a little bit about the Marines, and even less about the Army. Your missing ships may come from those branches, we just haven't been given the info on them yet since those branches haven't really been discussed much.

*pokes writers* need more info on other military branches.

You describe the current joint service designation system, but the UEEN system is based on the older US Navy system used between 1922-1962

The A in F7A, U4A-3, A4A and T8A stands for Anvil Aerospace, not 'version A' of the ship.
Versions and revisions are designated as for the U4A-3, with a dash and version number at the end.

For example, in the US Navy you had the

F4B - 30's biplane made by Boeing
F4C - 20's biplane made by Curtiss
F4D 'Skyray' - 60's jet fighter made by Douglas
F4F 'Wildcat' - 40's fighter made by Grumman
F4H 'Phantom II' - 60's jet fighter made by McDonnel-Douglas
F4U 'Corsair' - 40's fighter made by Vought

It might well be the case that the UEEN system does not number separately per manufacturer, despite using manufacturer codes in the designation like the 1922 USN system. In that case the number of 'missing' ships is reduced considerably.

(Pursuit) Fighters
P1 through P4 - unknown
P5G - Gladius
P6G? (or F6G?, confirmed to be N6G as trainer) - Avenger
F7A - Hornet
F8A - Lightning
F9G? - Sabre if/when accepted into service?

Previously lore-mentioned military ships include the
Anvil 'Devastator'
Anvil 'Osprey'
'Anvil' - possibly one of the first ship made by Anvil Aerospace, a predecessor to the Gladiator perhaps?
'Cestus' dogfighter
'Zipper' - pilot nickname according to Dave Haddock

'Volksfighter' - the ship the Drake Cutlass lost its military contract bid to.

Hi @aniron,

Just saving this for the discussion.

The Zipper was meant to be a nickname for a ship, not a pilot.


Hi Dave, thanks for saving it.

I meant to say that you clarified that "zipper" was a nickname given to a ship by the pilots, as opposed to an official designation. The implication being that it can be one of the other ships that are already known to us.

Like the A-10 'Thunderbolt II' a.k.a "Warthog".

Hi @aniron,

Ah. Gotcha. Yeah, that was the idea.


LORE (Story, Background, Character, etc.) : DHaddock_CIG

Thu, 04/13/2017 - 12:23
[Question re Loremaker's Guide for Pyro]

I was just wondering how the UEE could possibly justify tolerating a pirate-run counter-society in a system that has a direct Jump Point-connection to what is arguably the UEE's crown jewel: Terra?
Is it a "At least those vermin aren't lurking in Terra", thus out of sight, out of mind-approach the UEE employs?

Sure, one could argue that now with the war on they simply had better things to worry about, but Pyro clearly isn't something that happened just now, but instead grew over decades.

I can see the UEE not wasting resources on systems at the edges of its sphere of influence, but a system directly "next" to Terra, where the combined financial might of the UEE and some of its biggest/most successful companies is situated... I really do have to wonder why they haven't driven the pirates out of Pyro, if not outright exterminate every last one of them.

Hi @Morisson,

Well, there's probably some debate about which system is the Crown Jewel of the Empire (many think it's still Earth), but I get your point.

I have a feeling, they just will have some security on that jump to keep an eye on who's coming in or out. I have a feeling though we'll probably delve into this question more thoroughly once we start building the Terra system. Maybe if it's far enough away, it won't be as much of an issue? Or maybe distance makes it more of an issue? I'll have to keep you posted.


Hey there Dave, thanks for getting back to me on that one! =)
Please do keep me and us posted if and when you can share a bit more on the situation.

But one thing is certain: Terra is the crown jewel of the Empire... those backwater conservatist-snobs of Sol can rot right along those Pyro vermin, for all I care!

This Rant was brought to you by the "Make Terra Great Again" campaign -- we all know which Planet should rule the Empire!

Hi @Morisson

Everyone knows Ferronites should be in charge! Ferron First!


Capitalist dogs! Everyone knows the true center of freedom and equality is Levski!

Indeed, the People's Alliance.

LORE (Story, Background, Character, etc.) : CIG_Writer

Thu, 04/13/2017 - 12:22
About asteroid tethers:

Based on all the feedback, we'll go have a look and maybe retcon how these things are supposed to work. Maybe making them more like rods than cables would make more sense.

Please consider my idea as well, several people in this thread found it a good solution. For reference, here's the idea again:

When I saw the ropes anchoring the asteroids I assumed (I studied astrophysics by the way, so maybe my assumptions are slightly slightly more valuable in this regard?) that they were put into place to shield the base from stray asteroids.
I assumed the tethers were paired with some boosters fitted onto the large asteroids, which then could be moved around a bit to protect the base from incoming loose asteroids, like shields.

It seems rather likely at least once a drunken rookie would crash head-first into an asteroid, maybe additionally setting off his rockets in the explosion (or a fight erupts somewhere and a missile hits an asteroid), thereby setting that one asteroid on a rogue path that may well cause it to collide with the station a month later. With the asteroid shields, the station can angle them to deflect the blow and fire boosters at the correct time to prevent them from, billiard-style, crashing the tethered asteroid into the station (also, tethers being very stiff but not so much as to break easily or be brittle or push the station too abruptly would make sense to me).

PS: I know this isn't necessarily your department (although the story behind the tethers could be seen as lore), but I'd really appreciate it if you could forward it to whomever's it is since we were discussing it here, thanks!

Hi @Godwin,

Hmm. That's an interesting approach. I'm not sure if we're going to be having asteroids moving to that degree (i.e. errant ones to come fly in), but my only reticence would be if these would need to be functional thrusters to dynamically have these asteroids swing. Or maybe we just need to indicate the thrusters, but maybe they won't need to fire.


I think having some aspect of "rogue" or incoming asteroids in places where it makes sense (asteroid fields, wreckage fields, maybe certain nebulas) could add some very interesting game play considerations to long term operations in hazardous environments, even if it has to be cheated somehow (IE artificially spawning in an incoming object on a preset collision course every so often) I think it might be worth looking in to.

Hi @BertoxolusthePuzzled

That definitely could be interesting.

Thanks for sharing!


LORE (Story, Background, Character, etc.) : DHaddock_CIG

Thu, 04/13/2017 - 12:22
Is there a secret organization of the super rich running the UEE military industrial complex?

(And can those in Concierge help craft the backstory through a series of polls (using upvotes) you do in the spectrum Concierge forum?)

Hi @BearSquish,

If I knew, they wouldn't be that secret.


LORE (Story, Background, Character, etc.) : CIG_Writer

Thu, 04/13/2017 - 12:19
Aye Captain!

I don't want to be a PC thorn in your side, but the names of humanity spread in the stars are a bit not so spread out themselves. Don't get me wrong, they sound awesome as they have to, but I kinda also want names that may derive from more than europian and sprinkling of east asian names in there.
Maybe some polenesian or african root names in there? And some spanish, east europian and central asian names too. I know, it'll be hard work making them sound cool, but maybe still?

Thanks. I am so thrilled to see you still interacting with us all these years hence!

Hi @verran

Happy to get a chance to interact with all of you as well!

Totally agree with you about having a wide variety of names for our characters and we actually do have names from a wide variety of sources to help sell the idea of the Earth diaspora. Recent examples include Amihan Hebdan and Senator Suj Kossi. We also create totally new names from time to time just to mix things up.



Thank you to @verran & @CIG_Writer for confirming that. As a black kid that finally got his IBM PCjr upgraded to a 386 w/ a Soundblaster, LUCKY, as a kid to play the original Wing Commander games - it was the diversity of the characters that made me feel welcome in Chris Robert's universe. Glad to see and hear humanity in its myriad of colors and forms will be represented. Bravo.

Tis all. Crawling back under my rock again so I don't spam this thread with annoying animated gifs.



LORE (Story, Background, Character, etc.) : DHaddock_CIG

Thu, 04/13/2017 - 12:19
Hey writing team, I have a question that's kinda bugging me for a while now.

We know that the exit of Jump Points will be "random" (in an area around the "start" of it).
Did it ever happened that a ship exited one and accidentally flew right into another ship?

E.g. An Idris used a secret jump point that isn't known to the public yet and another ship (let's say an Hull C) was on the exact point, where the Jump Point opened and the Idris finished its jump.

Also would both ships be damaged / destroyed, or only the Hull C, cause the Idris would be still "protected" by the Jump Drive / field?

Hi @Sethnix,

I imagine that in all this time, there had to be some kind of collision between a ship approaching a jump point and a ship exiting one. I'm going to have pass on what the game effects of this would be as we haven't really delved into it yet and would involve design as well. To me (and me alone), it feels like it would just be a rare but unfortunate accident, but if you've got a full Hull-C, I don't think you'd really appreciate it as a player.

Maybe there will be some kind of system check in the engine that would prevent you from jumping into an 'occupied' area, but again, you'd have to ask the designers and programmers about that. We'll just tailor the lore to justify whatever approach they want to take.


LORE (Story, Background, Character, etc.) : DHaddock_CIG

Thu, 04/13/2017 - 12:15

Hi @Syllys

There was a push for base 12 a few years ago that I had read about (for us Humans to adopt). It is interesting to think about how much easier it is to divide into quarters then base 10, but I can just imagine the headache that would follow the switch. A lot of people in the States aren't even willing to embrace the metric system.


I do believe there is a good reason for not switching to the metric system in the States if one takes into consideration the financial headache of switching everything over, ie road signs.

Hi @Ablamar,

Yeah, it would be a pretty massive endeavor to try and change over.


LORE (Story, Background, Character, etc.) : CIG_Writer

Thu, 04/13/2017 - 12:14
I was wondering if old ships, from times before peace alien contact yielded new advanced technologies, would be present in game at all. Or if they would just be docked at orbital stations in tourist area, or perhaps they would be flyable.
I think it would be interesting to see ships that used old fashioned nuclear power plants, chemical engines, thick iron or laminate armour, slow burning laser systems, and primitive jump capacity.
The ships in game are gorgeous and very capable in their own ways, but glass/lexan/acrylic viewing ports, whimsical architecture, and pulse/burst lasers do not echo the greasing, overtly mechanical way ships of the line were portrayed in many of the books that I grew up with (Alien Death Fleet, The Black Nebula, Crisis At Warp).
Ships not augmented by alien technology may seem slow, heavy, and boring but a slab sided destroyer with meters of steel and laminate armour, with the bridge in the core of the ship, continuosly firing slow burn chemical lasers and firing barrage after barrage of armour defeating missiles is a very romantic proposition in a space sim. It might even be effective against these newer ships that rely on energy shields and quick firing pulse lasers.
Love the game and hope for the best to all.

Hi @GMour53

Historical ships are a really fun idea and definitely would help sell that the universe has been kicking around for a long time. It was part of the reason why were excited to create Esperia as a manufacturer since they do xeno and historical recreations. I think it's something there's interest in maybe doing down the road, but it will come down to art and design resources. Our ships take a lot of time to build and are pretty complicated so the focus for a while will be on building and expanding out the current fleet.



LORE (Story, Background, Character, etc.) : cheiberg_cig

Thu, 04/13/2017 - 12:12
Have you considered adding space horrors like incorporeal beings, body snatchers, blobs, things, parasites, tentacles, quantum phase ghosts?

Dear @Duke_Dirty_Work,

Yes, we've considered it.


LORE (Story, Background, Character, etc.) : DHaddock_CIG

Thu, 04/13/2017 - 12:11

Any idea where in Spectrum this (and other ask dev) posts will be? So far I don't see any categories for it (and Apr 14th is right around the corner).

Hi @Rebuc,

Here's the direct link. There are tags in the upper right for Lore, so we can spot them easier.


LORE (Story, Background, Character, etc.) : DHaddock_CIG

Thu, 04/13/2017 - 12:10
Question (for trivia/reference): Who's the UEE's highest scoring ace?

While we're on the subject, has the criteria for ace changed since today's time (5 kills in a single sortie)?


Great question. I don't know. We haven't declared a specific ace yet. We've cited Aria Reilly and a few others (the names are eluding me at the moment) as legendary fighter pilots, but never ascribed kill counts to them.

Might be something we need to think on and get back to you about.


LORE (Story, Background, Character, etc.) : DHaddock_CIG

Thu, 04/13/2017 - 12:07
I have a question for you loremakers : What is the life expectancy in the 'Verse ? In border systems, and in Terra and Sol systems ?

Hi @Fulgrim31,

Yeah, as @stringtheory00 said, we've been saying that it's around 140 years thanks to medical advances. We didn't want to go too high because it felt like Humanity would take on a different feel if people were living for centuries.


LORE (Story, Background, Character, etc.) : CIG_Writer

Thu, 04/13/2017 - 12:05
Hi Lore Team,

A long time ago Dave Haddock talked about the design philospohy of cities (gothic, neo-liberal, modern) etc.

Did you ever think about a city suspended from an asteroid through the atmosphere as in this news article?

Building floating through the air

Seams like a solution for an overpopulated Earth. I might remind you that you haven't announced the final landing spot on Earth (hint, hint) :-)


Hi @Trojan

Thanks for sharing the link! Some neat renders. It is crazy to think about someone actually trying to build a structure like that!

- Will

LORE (Story, Background, Character, etc.) : DHaddock_CIG

Thu, 04/13/2017 - 12:04
Hello! I had a thought last night that I figured would make a fun little side-project for someone on the lore team, or perhaps for our fan base to make submissions to:

Humans love media. Movies, shows, books, games, music, etc. Some times, we love something so much that we take a book, make it into a movie, and make a game based on that movie. Some times, we take an old kid's show from the 90's and make it into a AAA budget feature length film. Every decade or so we add a new trilogy to a timeless classic.

We do see a little bit of this with the lore posts surrounding the Tevarin War, and Star Marine; there was a movie based off of the game I believe. While that's great that we have a little bit of information surrounding stuff that's 'current', as well as a number of transcripts of talk-shows on the Spectrum, there's about a 900-year gap between our real-world examples of media and what our characters would see as familiar and recent in the 2940's-50's. I know there's a few things sprinkled about in some older lore posts, but 930 years is a long time. Look at how many big releases of films and games we have in modern times with just Earth making things. Granted, smaller colonies on the frontier will be too busy trying to survive to make much in the way of art (though that doesn't mean a small indie studio or a singular author can't make something incredible) but I imagine Terra has its own Hollywood and Broadway.

I would love to see a list or a forum topic, or even a Lore Post from a film review journal that takes a look back at the books, movies, shows, plays, comics, super heroes, musicals, et cetera, that have stood the test of time. It might even be funny to see things that are familiar to us in our timeline being remade or rebooted every 30 years or so like we already have today (though that does carry the inherent risk of copyright issues). Sci-Fi especially is an interesting route to take; think of every 80's movie that envisions (or involves getting back to) the future. 2015 wasn't quite how it was imagined. We never made it to Jaws 19, and the Cubs were a year late. Now imagine 1980's Sci-Fi through the lens of someone from the 2900's.

I'm sure you guys on Lore can come up with some great stuff as you always do, and if I inspire at least one idea I'll be happy. So if this post wasn't long-winded enough... Here's a few (perhaps rhetorical) questions:

How did First Contact and the Tevarin Wars affect the media industry? Are there any Tevarin/Banu/Xi'an actors/authors that have made their way into human pop-culture? Do we even use actors, or is CGI so good that it's ultimately cheaper to animate everything and pay for voice actors?
Are there still theaters? Was there ever a brilliant playwright that rivaled or eclipsed Shakespeare in popularity?
What are some notable game consoles that have existed through the years? When did the Sim Cab that we have in our hangars come into being? How realistic is virtual reality gaming? (I understand why, but playing AC and SM doesn't feel like my character playing a video game. Am I to take that as VR being so realistic that it is indiscernible from 'real life' or is that just for ease of gameplay?)
How have humans adapted to accessing what would be 'ancient' media? What has slipped through the cracks, and what has survived? Are the names of our great artists still recognized? Would finding a working vinyl record, mp3 player, VHS, or BluRay from our timeline be considered a major archaeological find?
Do comics and super heroes still exist, or are they a thing of the past? If so: Who are some popular heroes that we can expect to find weekly (perhaps digital) issues of? (Old print comic books might make good hangar flair...) If not, what heralded the downfall of the 'superhero'?

And of course, for each of these questions... Why? What happened that made Humanity want to keep/dig up/remake something? What events/culture issues that permeate the whole of Humanity to create the art they did?

Thanks for reading.

(Edit: Typos, elimination of a question I knew the answer to.)

Hi @Gary0ak,

That is a massively daunting question. You're absolutely right, there would be so many books, movies, bands, trends, genres, art styles, etc. that would have evolved over the next 900 years. I mean, looking at this past century it's incredible to think of how much things have changed then multiply that by every planet that we've expanded onto. My brain's started to leak out of my ear even trying to comprehend how massive it would.

So as it stands, we've just been coming up with shows, artists and books as we've been developing other aspects of the lore or if they've come up during news updates and building a list of things we've referenced.

But it could be a fun exercise to work out some short lists to kick off with (20 best spectrum shows/books/albums of the past century or something) to try and hit the broad stroke landmark pieces that have shaped that medium. I think that would probably be the easiest way to start to tackle this type of thing. And it could be a nice brain-cleanser (i.e. something to casually chip away on if I'm stuck on something else).

I'll keep you posted,


LORE (Story, Background, Character, etc.) : CIG_Writer

Thu, 04/13/2017 - 12:03
Hi guys, I heard that you've been exploring the Banu a bit lately and that reminded me of something I've been meaning to ask for a while.

Poking around in the Starmap, it kind of seems that a large percentage of Banu might actually live in space, not on planets. Is that true? I was wondering if perhaps the Banu might view planets differently than we do, not as places to live per se but more as resources, whether as sources of minerals, entertainment or whatever.

I remember reading (can't remember where now) that the Banu are supposed to have been in space for quite a long time, longer than the other races (with the possible exception of the Vanduul?), and was wondering whether one consequence of that could be that the Banu are a more "mature" spacefaring race, in that they tend to view space as their natural habitat as opposed to planets?

Edit: And while I'm on the subject, there was actually another question I had about the Banu. Namely, what is the general approach of the Banu to science? We tend to have the attitude that pure research should be freely available to everyone (although we're particular about credit), but is that attitude shared by the Banu, or do they view scientific knowledge in a more commercial way?

Meaning that it might be very hard to ascertain from the outside where Banu science was at, because certain clans, groups or individuals might be far more advanced than others? With scientific knowledge being a kind of guild secret?

Hi @HexKoda

Banu do live on planets and have cities that serve as major social and trade hubs, although with their emphasis on barter and trading, many Banu do prefer to live a more mobile life in space.

Regarding science and technology, Banu do treat their research more commercially. Research guilds will sell their findings and manufacturing guilds will try to corner the market on a new tech, but that said, the Banu don't really have a copyright system, so new ideas tend to propagate quickly through the Protectorate, especially because the Banu are so willing to adapt new ideas if it means more profit.


LORE (Story, Background, Character, etc.) : DHaddock_CIG

Thu, 04/13/2017 - 11:52
So...something that has been bothering me for a while now:

Why is there no UEE Space Force?

We have the UEE Army, UEE Navy, UEE Marines, but as far as I can tell, no fourth branch of military. Since in the current time, the Air Force is arguably the most influential branch of service, being able to reach out to any part of the globe much faster than any other branch of the military, I find it's exclusion from the Verse troubling.

I can envision the UEE Space Force as being stationed at planet bound military space ports in just about every UEE controlled system, flying patrols on a regular basis, especially when the UEE Navy has little or no presence in that system. The bases could be specific areas of a planet, or entire planets in some cases, presenting highly restricted airspace above them, which would be a challenge to some navigation.

I could also see the UEE Space Force flying specific craft that the other branches do not, as well as some craft that other branches use, with variations to better suit the type of missions that branch of service is likely to run.

The Navy has always been big ships that project massive power. Aircraft have just been a way to extend some of that power. The Air Force on the other hand, secures the air above land and sea. I would suspect that the UEE Space Force would be a way to secure space within a system, with long range craft flying missions to other systems when required.

Hi @greyhart,

Thanks for the write-up. There are just the three branches. The idea was that the Navy and the Air Force basically merged into a single entity, since the fighters would often be extensions of the larger capital ships.

But the Navy isn't the only branch to have ships. We've said that the Marines have their own fleet and although we've established that the Army is primarily used for planetside operations, we still need to flesh out their responsibilities and infrastructure some more, so they might have some as well.

I'll have to keep you posted on that one.