FAQ for Citizen Star News


What is Citizen Star News?

Citizen Star News is an organization and site dedicated to providing the freshest and most in depth news and features for players of Star Citizen and interested parties.

What is this Star Citizen you speak of?

Star Citizen is the best damn space sim ever (BDSSE) being developed by Chris Robert's Cloud Imperium Games. He can probably explain it best here. The main website exists at a hostname representing one of the games fictitious spaceship manufacturers, Roberts Space Industries.

Also of note (best quick introduction I've seen) is the Star Citizen in 6 Minutes by Byronyk of Star Guide fame.

Best guide on how to join alpha (which is probably a bit more confusing than it should be): Luetin09's How to Join the Alpha for $50 or less by picking up an Aurora MR or Aurora LN and an Arena Commander Pass.


What is "In-Verse"?

Articles written "In-Verse", that is from the perspective of the people in the Star Citizen Universe, are called out into a special category. Other terms sometimes used for this are "Lore", "In Fiction", and "In Character".

Can I write an article for Citizen Star News?

Yes you can! Just register at the NEWSROOM and submit a draft. "Rival" News Orgs and independents are welcome.

Can I syndicate my content (Youtube or RSS feed) on Citizen Star News?

Yes you can, contact us on Twitter, Google+ or on RSI forums and we'll work out the details.


Citizen Star News is not affiliated with Cloud Imperium Games (CIG), all trademarks and intellectual property for their game is used with permission fo rthe purposes of discussing their game.

Staff of Citizen Star News should be considered backers of the game, most have donated to the crowdfunding campaign on some level.

CIG provided ship prizes for the Pitchfork Challenge Event, Aug 23rd 2014.