10 for the Chairman - Episode 45


(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2014-11-17 - After showing off some very nice gifts, and talking Star Wars for a bit, Chris Roberts answers our questions:

Questions, Answers and time indexes after the break...

Q1 - Craig910 - 5:00 - How do you envision players getting people into cells on the Cutlass Blue? Will they need to be incapacitated via injury/restraints then put in the cell by the player or will there be a cut scene of you putting the player in your cell?

A - Still figure out that dynamic. On top of that you won't be able to hold someone in a cell forever, as that would enable griefing. Captured players should be able to respawn and perhaps go to prison or bribe their way out, short time-penalty. A placeholder "character" is left behind, that you can deliver to authorities for any reward.

Q2 - FortyEight - 7:06 - I have noticed in a lot of the multiple crew ships that they have co-pilot seat and numerous turret gunner seats. What can we expect the co-pilot to be able to do while in or out of combat? Will they have systems to manage and weapons to operate, or will they wait for the pilot to become incapacitated?

A - Different seats allow you to split up the functions. Manage power, sensors, communications, etc. Very large ships have dedicated seats. Smaller have roles you can allocate to "crew stations". Cooperative play will be very strong.

Q3 - Rusty McKinnon - 9:28 - Is seems like there are paths for many playstyles, including missions for salvagers, pirates, mercenaries, miners, etc, but is there going to be any place in space for scholars and diplomats? Will I be able to join a college or library and be sent on research missions to study a topic or retrieve an ancient relic? Will I be able to build a relationship with an alien race to the point that the UEE might name me an ambassador?

A - Great suggestion. On the explorer side there may be Academic sponsors, Indiana Jones side. For diplomats... No, not as such. Currently don't have plans for that. At least not at first. Tools for in system reporters, be part of the advocacy. Not sure it will be as high level as a diplomat.

Q4 - ChronicSilence - 11:53 - The addition of allowing users to create APIs to remove or automate many pleasant/tedious aspects of gameplay have been vital to keeping previous games alive. What features, specifically, do you have in mind for an API in Star Citizen?

A - Way to early to say. Don't have a plan. The Website does have some plans for APIs for Organization statistics. Going to try to avoid making things tedious in the first place. Not planning to make an API to Automate game play.

Q5 - Chillzilla - 13:04 - I'm curious to know if the mobiglas is also used as an alternate communication device between players? If so, can it be used as a means of communication both text and verbal (as you would a cellular phone), between players during battle in ships, and while planetside to other players on ships?

A - Definitely be using the Mobilglas as an IM device. While you are on the ship, you are plugged in to the ship. Mobiglas is essentially a smartphone with augmented reality functionality.

Q6 - Sierra117 - 14:10 - Throughout history, cosmic events have been cultural and historic triggers for many large and significant occasions. Will we see large significant events like solar flares, Halley's Comet and solar eclipses triggering things like national holidays or large scale reactions among the populace and if so how will this be tied into the economy and culture of a system, planet, or city?

A - Yes something we are definitely something that we are planning on. As game masters cosmic events are one of the tools that can be used to stir things up. Famines, disasters - planets blowing up, could very well happen.

Q7 - Ninja_En_Short - 16:04 - When salvaging derelict ships, is it possible to encounter with some unknown life form on board? I think it might be fun and fearful to have encounter with a creature of unknown origin and force you to play a deadly hide and seek.

A - Yes!  The first person enables for some very compelling gameplay in this realm. Can go anywhere in the universe, not just stuck in a cockpit or on a station.

Q8 - Nameless  - 18:49 - Will there be a FPS weapon showroom similar to showrooms for space ships?

A - Yes! Stores and shops. Buy through mobiglas augmented reality to be released as part of the Social Module. And places like "Cubby Blast" on Stanton

Q9 - Gleep - 19:56 - How do you envision a person flying a Cutlass Red or MISC Endeavor Hospital ship making money? Will we receive a payment once our medical bay heals somebody?

A - Yes, there will be ways to do that, transactional job boards and contracts. Barter/payment. If they didn't do the job they could be suspended. Uber as an example.

Q10 - Emulator - 22:22 - Will there be different grades of fuel? Think 87,89,93,99 octane. Could there also be different grades of jump fuel?

A - Yes. Boost fuel is a different fuel than your base fuel. Jump is as well. Traveling around fuel is easy to "scoop".  May also be premium fuels, particularly for boost.

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