Around the Verse Episode 33


(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2015-02-26 - In depth talk about the creation of the RSI Orion Ming Platform and Matt Sherman discusses ship balance.

0:17 - Intro/News

RSI Orion out - And based on feedback they are looking at possibly changing the cockpit location. (It was blocked by the hull)

Orion Mining Mini Game is supposed to become available today after being delayed from last week.

More QA Stress tests planned.

Funding Level Reached - 73 Million Dollars!

Chris Letter came out.

Lando's new show, "talk soup of available"

Box art - Bengal Carrier is streaking ahead. Still time to vote

5:41 - News from Around the Verse

Santa Monica

REC - Calix spearheading dev. Got it hooked up gameside and just testing and tweaking. For release 1.1

Hull series. Freighter of the stars. Looks like they are doing the whole series. Not just the Hull-C. "Very Cool"

Retaliator will be hangar ready. (v1.1)

Gladius will be flight ready with new damage system. (v1.1)

Squibs - part of the new damage system... areas that can explode when hit.


Doors - security qualities, lockdown, obstructions

Security Network Entity - From the doors to accessing ships, rooms, ships sections. Lockdown function. Can potentially be injured by doors slamming shut. Manual override unit. Owner of ship can set security levels.

Audio for the prototype of the mobiglas. Hopefully can get your hands on it soon. Create a brand ident for the different mobiglas manufacturers. Samples of glass sounds. Create a library of these things.

Ilfonic, Denver

Controllers, Game Controller support in FPS.

Sniper rifle, energy based.

Other than that bug fixing and getting ready for PAX East


FPS Characters

Character clothing sets - White Collar set, Terra

Mining UI HUD for players - allow skill to play a part. Read outs are designed to be understood at a glance, but still skill plays a big part

20:12 - Bugsmashers

Avenger - close back door when you sit down in the cockpit. First try - cargo door is now closed forever. Sealed for ever.

26:57 - MVP

Our friend years1Hundred!

SCC: Fighter Pilot

Organization: Valinor Aerospace

29:26 - Ship balance discussion

Sledge II Mass Driver got its own ammo type. 60 mm high velocity, should give it a bit more punch. Should help the 325A

Tigerstriek - 25 mm a bit higher base damage 1600 round ammo box.

More balance updates coming

31:57 - Orion process discussion

Dan Tracy, Lance Caldwell, Travis Day, Ben Lesnick

Took a look at the mining design for the PU.

An in depth look at the considerations for setting the stats, the look, the interior.

Star Citizen... all the fun of a car wash.

39:39 - Sneak peek

New Cutlass interiors

I guess the escape pods leaked last week were for the Cutlass.

Making the interiors of the Cutlass modular.

40:10 - Outro

Cutlass Fly Free week. Cutlass Blue sale. Tarantula gun for sale in VD store.

1.1 release on the horizon and currently a push to get it done. Next "big" release.

41:38 - Empire Report


Should ships go faster?

Is your flight suit killing you? Ghost limb syndrome

Imperator's new hairstyle? A head of its time?

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