Gamescom Event Spoilers and Rumor Roundup


(Citizen Star News) - 2014-08-14 - Details are "leaking" out about what we are going to see tomorrow at the CIG Star Citizen event. Mostly by CR talking to the Press drumming up interest for the big reveal.

Official Livestream details will be posted soon but it should be on their twitch channel when the event starts at this time: WorldClock. (Although the stream may be starting an hour after that.) Update: Official countdown is indeed an hour later than the event door opening, which makes sense.

V0.9 (Patch 13) is planned from two weeks from today (Thurs Aug 28th) (Source: Michael Graf & Chris Roberts StarCitizen interview event at Gamescom) (Note: We should probably plan for it to slip a bit as this is a "if all goes well date", and how often does that happen?-Ed.)

V0.9 (Patch 13) should include V0.9 AC Racing, first pass at Keyboard binding, and true 6DoF.  (Source: IncGamers, which would seem to have the same stream w/ Micheal Graf as it's source). 

Image Credit: Tweeted by David Swofford

V0.9 Should have two new game modes. One is racing, and one is called New Horizons. (Which could be the same thing and something completely new, is the second for all I know.)

M50 should be flyable soon. Maybe with V0.9? Seen here in a preview of the racing mode.

Some sort of private match/matchmaking should be a part of V0.9, but the full lobby will be in v1.0. (Source: Michael Graf & Chris Roberts StarCitizen interview event at Gamescom)

All four hangars should be updated in V0.9 (Patch 13). PBR and redesigned. They won't be called by their current names but instead by the Hangar Manufacturer (Source: Michael Graf & Chris Roberts StarCitizen interview event at Gamescom)

Version 1.0 Patch 14 is scheduled for about two months away. Should include a full lobby system and allow us to invite friends to private matches, Updated HUDs and Energy Management system.

Expecting Constellation variants to be announced, Constellation sale and a demo of Multi-Crewed ships. (Which is still scheduled for Arena Commander II, so won't be flyable for quite some time.) (Source: Various hints dropped here and there.)

Possibly not in the presentation but of interest:

Next subscriber hangar flair is Constellation Phoenix model (for the existing display case?) (Source: Reverse the Verse)

Vanduul cargo ship is fairly far along and will be called the mule. (Source: Reverse the Verse)

David Hobbins (fantastic concept artist) has left CIG. He apparently got an offer he could not refuse. Best of luck to him! (Source: Reverse the Verse)

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