Julee Cruz - Help Save a Citizen's Wife

(Citizen Star News) - 2014-02-22 - Please consider donating to help save the life of Julee Cruz, wife of Star Citizen Gerad Cruz (aka Roucious on the RSI Forums).


Julee's Liver Disease Fund

Gerad's explanation of the dire straights his wife finds her self in and how you can help:

Julee has been diagnosed with NASH nonalcoholic liver disease and needs surgery not covered by insurance to heal her liver.

Earlier this year my wife was diagnosed with Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH) or fatty liver disease. This was only discovered after 6+ months of my wife suffering from intense upper abdominal pain, and many tests including CT scans, ultra scans, EGD, and several others. The doctors have informed us that her NASH is probably due to her many medical problems over the past 6 years. To give you an idea of what she has gone through I will list so of the major ones out of the 10 medical procedures she has had.
Tonsillectomy, ischemic colitis, pancreatitis, 15 outbreaks of shingles on her nose and forehead, and the one that basically started this all, but we thought would end it, open heart surgery. Because of these being back to back and the problem correct by the open heart surgery affecting her entire life, without her knowing, she has been unable to heal properly from any of these both physically and emotionally.
The kicker was in February and April of this year she suffered from 2 tubal pregnancies, 6 weeks apart, putting, as you can imagine, and even bigger emotional burden on her than she already had, and honestly for me was the hardest to deal with personally.
Because of all this her body has been unable to heal. She eat good, when she can as it hurts her to eat anything, works out as much as she can, but she doesn’t eat much because it hurts so she doesn’t have energy to workout, in fact she use to walk 3 miles a day after her heart surgery, but she has been unable to get her body back to health. This has cause the NASH. The liver doctors and surgeons tell her that because of this she has ben un able to heal, and the combination of constant medications, her liver cannot heal its self and she need to have surgery. The problem now is that the insurance companies look at the surgery as an elective surgery, even though the doctors all agree that if she doesn’t have the surgery her liver will get worse and eventually she will possible need a liver transplant or she will die due to liver failure.

For the most part between the insurance deductibles and max-out-of-pocket, we have been able to slowly pay for these health problems, meaning we currently owe around $10k to hospitals and doctors, which isn’t bad when we’ve paid roughly $30k over the last 5 years. But since the recommended surgery is not covered, and it must be paid for up front or they will not do the surgery, I have now found myself trying to come up with the $22k for the surgery out of pocket.

Again, we do not ask this lightly as you can see we have spent many years going through this with my family. It is so hard for me as a father to see my children watch their mother suffer as she has. Please help in any way you can.