(Citizen Star News/Crusty Collins) - 2014-07-17 - Another packed episode of Around the Verse aired today. This week Sandi finally explained what EVA is or is going to be - a virtual assistant in the new online store (probably coming with the 3D ship viewer update). Besides revealing new merchandise, giving us another sneak peek and interviewing Calix Reneau (the tech designer & singer/songwriter from two weeks ago), the show featured a new episode of the very popular 'Bug Smashers'.

(Citizen Star News) - 2014-07-10 - Sandi does the show in EVA "drag", which now has blue hair (blue-hair/blair? Wing Commander reference?). Ben can barely keep a straight face. Sandi is a stand out in today's show. Good job, Sandi.

Patch v12.5 - Will feature a New Vanduul enemy! Updated Vanduul swarm.

(Citizen Star News) - 2014-03-21 - Sandi Gardiner, Cloud Imperium's VP of Marketing, casually leaked another potential bombshell onto twitter and facebook today. To be taken with a grain of salt, as her posts do always give a hint about upcoming events, but it's not always the obvious interpretation that ends up actually happening.