(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2014-12-10 - The Citizen Star and The Base team up to give you a rather epic two hour interview with Ben Lesnick, James Pugh and Will Lewis.

Discussions cover stretch goals, Idris hangar capacity, Modularity, Javelin, ACBucks (Arena Commander in game cash), the M50 "limited" status, Making Star Citizen more accessible for new folks, Multi-Crew Solo & Teams, Operation Pitchfork, Astrophysics, Squadron 42, Account Hacks, Avatar Creation (& tech partnership with Warhorse), the Kr'Thak, Dec 19th Livestream, and... Nerf wars!


(Citizen Star News) - 2014-09-13 - Nikki "Batgirl" D'Angelo does an excellent interview with Cloud Imperium Games' VP of Marketing, Sandi Gardiner. Filmed earlier this week, with Sandi still lamenting that the release is still not out, but is otherwise quite timely (and in some senses timeless).

Covering recent marketing projects (Gamescom, DragonCon, AMD sponsored ship) as well as issues like alternatives to dogfighting and females in the industry.

(Citizen Star News) - 2014-09-03 - Gamers Nexus follow up with part 2 of their interview with Chris Roberts; this time talking in depth about customizing characters and ships. Not too many definitive answers yet but good discussions of what they are thinking, what exemplars they've been studying and would like to be able to match/beat.

(Citizen Star News/Citizen Ed and Mako) - 2014-06-27 -  We took the opportunity at the TNGS Finale to pin down Chris Roberts and ask him about some of the production and development techniques used for Star Citizen and how that went when shipping the first iteration of Arena Commander.

Note: Delayed post, actually published on - 2014-06-19

(Citizen Star News/Citizen Ed & Mako) - 2014-06-11 - At the TNGS Finale off stage, we ended up in an extended conversation with David Haddock, discussing canon, time scales, fiction, lore, and the like. Your man with a cam, Mako, grabbed the opportunity to reset and get some of it on video. (Presented here in three parts, read the full article for context and the second two videos.)