(Citizen Star News) - Written under duress by Hunter S. Thorshu - 2945-10-06

(Warning and disclaimers - this correspondent is now considered missing. The editorial staff sternly denies deliberately putting Mr Thorshu in harms way, and only wishes for the safe return. Report is posted in it's entirety in the spirit of preserving the integrity of what very well may be his last words and in the interest of bringing our Citizens the full story.)


I thought my goose was damn cooked when the COMSTAB malfunctioned ... causing my trusty steed, the F8 Lightning prototype, to slide wildly into the viscous nickel iron spinning rock.


(Citizen Star/News) - Press Release - by Rushyo - 2945-04-07 SET - TERRA III - Private CAP Security™ (PCS) has awarded an MMRO contract to Aegis Dynamics (AD), establishing a Modification, Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul capability for a sizable portion of their fleet, including an ex-military Idris-M Frigate.

"The signing of this contract will allow us to better control inherent risk and ensure predictable maintenance costs, enabling us to provide our clients with enhanced, stable pricing options" notes Mikhayl Ruzhyo, Managing Director of Private CAP Security. "By removing unnecessary logistical disruptions we can ensure consistent up-time for our services, in particular our unique Rapid Response™ program."

Null(Citizen Star/NEWS) - by Citizen Ed - 2945-02-24 SET - Congressional autotranscripts hint at impended budget crises and a strained Imperial infrastructure.

Are things worse than we've been lead to believe?

This congressional squabble between budget reform bill sponsor Senator Kyle Polo (U-Angeli-Croshaw Sys) and opponent Senator Taryn Glasi (C-Vosca-Elysium Sys) hardly settles the matter, but reading between the lines we can see intractable divides and urgent crises ahead.

The results of these proceedings will likely have profound implications far beyond even the important issue of educating our next generation.

(Citizen Star/NEWS) - 2944-10-18 - Drake Interplanetary has introduced into its 2945 line the Cutlass Red Ambulance and the Cutlass Blue Militia/Police edition of their classic Drake line. Quite an interesting departure for a company known for marketing with a wink and a nod toward the Pirate community.

Does this represent a turnaround for the Magnus based company?

Drake Interplanetary, founded in 2922 to produce the initial Cutlass design created to fulfill a UEE military contract codenamed "Volksfighter", originally marketed towards militia before being a hit in the outlaw community. Ever since, they've been straddling the lines between trying to stay legit and fully embracing their largest demographic.

(Citizen Star/NEWS) - 2944-10-03 - Citizen Star Media Conglomerate (SID:NEWS) is proud to announce the latest addition to the family, THE BASE (SID:THEBASE). The Base is a well known scrappy up and comer on the Spectrum, has been gathering quite a following among citizens and civilians alike, since they began broadcasting 2944-01-03 SET. The Base's sometimes irreverent but always relevant style fits well with the Citizen Star Journalistic ethos.

After months of working together, features on the Citizen Star and guest appearances on "The Base" Spectrum channel, a formal relationship is being finalized, more details to follow.